Communication to the public License

What is ‘Communication to the public?

According to the Copyright Act B.E. 2537, “Communication to the public” means making the work available to public by means of performing, lecturing, preaching, playing music, causing the perception by sound or image, constructing, distributing or by any other means. To be easier, it means to play song for other people to listen to, in which it is legally allowed to do only by the copyright owner or the person authorized by the copyright owner.

What kind of music playing shall be licensed?

Other than playing music in private residence, working compartment or in personal vehicle, every person that is playing music in public needs a licence from the copyright owner. For examples, playing music in shop / restaurant, play cable TV for customers, playing music from the jukebox / karaoke box including the shopping mall that play copyright subsisting music or open the radio program for their customers.

What is a music licence?

Music licence is a licence that the copyright owner issues for businesses to certify that the business has already paid copyright royalty fee to the copyright owner. The business with music licence can use the repertoire (songs) from such copyright owner without worrying of copyright infringement. Nevertheless, the licensee shall examine that such licence and the licence agreement concerns what type of usage and also check the expiration of licence period.

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